Coaching: not just for executives anymore


Talent en Floré LLC provides individual and group coaching for any and all interested in becoming a better version of themselves. Our executive coaching approach supports new and experienced leaders, as well as individuals desiring personal or professional change. Our solution-focused tools help to solve challenging business and life circumstances, giving the confidence and strategy needed to achieve a desired future.

It’s not all about work either. Coaching sessions can focus on anything important to you, personal or professional as long as it doesn’t move into therapeutic territory. Find answers to common questions here.

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Client Testimonials


…left our sessions more confident and self-aware

Liz Gilbert, Coaching Client, New Jersey

“I decided to work with Talent en Flore at a critical juncture in my career. Marie worked with me to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths and develop a strategy to transition into a new role as well as a defined path to eventually move into a different area of work. Marie guided our sessions in such a way that helped me reflect, grow, and ultimately begin to change how I saw myself and the possibilities in my future. I left our sessions more confident and self-aware. Marie is the consummate professional and truly operates with the highest levels of integrity and respect. I could not give a higher recommendation”

a fresh perspective and a renewed creative spark…

Gretchen Lee, Coaching Client, Pennsylvania

“I found Marie to be very skillful in asking me the questions I needed to ask myself in order to clarify my ideas. Never once did I feel that she was purposely leading me to a particular conclusion or trying to shape my thinking. Marie has a gift for uncovering hidden connections between seemingly divergent abilities, interests, and work experiences. Through our coaching sessions, I came to see my various skills in a broader and more widely applicable way. I came away from coaching sessions with a fresh perspective and a renewed creative spark”

…unpeel your own personal truth from the clutter

Allison Shauger, MBA, Coaching Client - North Carolina

"Marie coached me to think through a career change, asking poignant questions that helped me lead myself to recognize my core beliefs and the types of careers that I would find meaningful. She helped guide my thinking in a way that made my diverse interests and scattered ideas seem to fall into a logical path. Even if you start a coaching session with a big, existential question, Marie can help you break it down and you can begin to unpeel your own personal truth from the clutter"

issues started disappearing one by one…

Javid Johnson, Coaching & Mentoring Client - Texas

"Meeting Dr. Marie Saul was such a blessing in my life. I had just started my career as an Account Analysis 1 at an Oil and Gas Company. After being there for a while, I started experiencing unexpected issues in the work place that I needed to take care of in the most professional way possible. I reached out to Dr. Saul for practical advice and coaching, knowing her past experience in the field. Every week we spoke over the phone and I would follow her advice closely. As time would pass, the issues started disappearing one by one. Dr. Saul was so professional and thoughtful in helping me through that time period and I certainly appreciate it to this day. Thank you very much Dr. Saul, and I hope you continue to help others as you helped me"